FIRST RIDDLE IS: What do you eat with a bowl and spoon?

What to do:  

Eliminate the letters that do not belong in the solution to the riddle.  Shoot them by pressing space and moving with WASD


Press 'Space' to start,  continue, and fire ( if you ever can't move just press space)
- you can only fire straight when facing the 'face' directly or opposite (180 deg ) -

Move with 'W', 'A', 'S', 'D'

Rotate with 'Q', 'E'

Press 'R' to restart ( you have to do this manually if you make the puzzle impossible to solve.

Press 'ESC' to exit


You are having a fever and need to solve the riddle of the alphabet soup in order to get heal.



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Far and away the most feverous submission. The game seemed to break for me on the 3rd riddle: 'shame that lives in your butt'. The camera switched to a new direction and my bullets only shot directly upwards. On reflection, I think it added to the experience. 

The letter with the erection will haunt me.

haha yah, I wasn't able to finish the level transitions ( or levels ) and rotation is kinda broken.  So you have to be facing the big face ( or directly opposite ) to fire straight.... pretty much have to restart if you get forced in that direction.  Thanks for playing!